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  1. I havent had any exams. It is all on essays. I am from a quantitative background where we did not write much, but moved into the social sciences.
  2. I am not failing. Thank God. But I am making straight B's. I cant seem to get an A on anything, other than quant work. Any advice on how to get A's in grad school. My funding is dependent upon me making an A average...So I am worried. I only take Saturday night off, Thursday night off (after 10pm on both nights) and I try to work out a hour a day to stay sane. So I am putting in a ton of hours. Also, when there is "grade inflation" in grad school. Does that mean professors drop down the grading requirements for A's. For instance, instead of a 90 being a A, they may drop it d
  3. Well its good that your having a good time so far. Too bad you had to drop a class though. That sucks.
  4. Good words so far. Well, I just got SLAMMED by my professors in terms of reading amount. I guess it begins now.
  5. Hey everyone. I am nervous about my first year. Anyone who is currently a 1st year feeling like this? Also, what should I expect? Any experienced people have any advice for us new students? I am worried about the amount of time TA'ing is going to take away from my work. Should I try and publish something this year? Should I start thinking about my dissertation or just finish classes? I was told I should always be thinking about my dissertation...
  6. If you dont want to go into law, why are you holding an offer that you do not want?
  7. If you can afford it and not send off any crappy apps...apply to as many as u can afford. I would say you have a decent profile.
  8. i was under the belief that your sop was explaining what you would want to study.
  9. What classes do you guys plan on taking (or recommend) to be taken outside of the department to stregthen research?
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