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  1. Have anyone heard anything after accepting an offer? I accepted an offer and it's been radio silence since. I guess I expected them to reach out in some way but haven't heard anything about a visit day or anything like that.
  2. I guess the first question I would ask is whether you need the degree in the first place. If there's no funding, and you have to be away from your family for a year, it seems like there would have to be a really compelling reason to get the degree. Will it get you a better job? A slightly better income? Are any of those guaranteed or are you getting the degree in the hopes of it? Of course, you should do what you think is best and what works for your family. I would not do that unless I really could see a path toward some substantial benefits from the degree program. I was accepted to a
  3. Did anyone apply to University of Houston? And if so have you heard anything? thanks!
  4. I'm stupid and don't know how to PM you, but I wanna know what you heard too if you don't mind!
  5. How could the system be gamed? If you don't get in, it doesn't change anything that they tell you now or later... You can't game yourself into an acceptance. I think it's telling of their culture at the school. They prefer hiding the ball to being transparent. I'd be curious to know if people in the program still experience that type of behavior after being let in or if it's a supportive environment at the school.
  6. this is so infuriating. why don't they just look you up when we call to see if we've been admitted?
  7. i wonder the same thing! don't know if he was just sort of guessing but he did say that they do it that way to keep it fair for everyone... whatever that means?
  8. it's also possible that the person i talked to doesn't actually know the procedure and only admission committee does
  9. Northwestern Update -- I just called the department and whoever answered says that they're working as fast as they can to notify applicants. I asked if all the acceptances have gone out and he said he did not know and that they work on each file one at time. In other words, they don't send all acceptances and waitlists and then all the rejections. They send them all mixed throughout. No clue when they'll be done.
  10. Seeking advice! Would you go to a 40s ranked PhD or a T10 ranked masters?
  11. Program Applied To (MPA, MPP, IR, etc.): MPA, MPP Schools Applied To: La Follette (Wisconsin), Syracuse, UIC, Chicago Harris, Rutgers, New School, Columbia, Cornell Schools Admitted To: UIC (funding will be released later), La Follette (Wisconsin) ($$$$) Schools Rejected From: Still Waiting: Syracuse, Chicago Harris, Rutgers, New School, Columbia, Cornell Undergraduate Institution: Low ranked Graduate GPA: 4.0 for masters, 3.5 for JD GRE Quantitative/Verbal/AW Scores: no scores Years Out of Undergrad (if applicable): 10 Years of Work Experience: 4 Describe Relev
  12. You got this email from Cornell's dept of government? I did not get that email. Was it a mass email or just to you?
  13. I haven't either. Portal shows nothing.
  14. I think the opposite. I have high GRE scores (over 95th percentile on V/Q) and I've been rejected by 5/7 schools. 2 pending
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