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post baccalaureate for PHOTOGRAPHY


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Hi I am a junior in college getting a major in Biology and minor in Photography. This past year, I realized that what I really want to do is photography. I know I do not have enough studio experience or a good enough portfolio to make it into an MFA program. So I am looking for a post baccalaureate program in photography or visual arts. My website is under maintenance, but I can tell you that I have been in 3 magazine publications and 3 gallery group shows. I know that's not much, but I really hope to build up my cv this year and hopefully make it into a post bac program.


I am wondering what everyone's thoughts on this plan is. Do you think I would have a shot at any post bac programs with a biology degree? 


I have made a list of schools, Do you guys know of any others?



San Francisco Art Institute: post bacc
Massachusetts college of art and design : post bacc
University of Colorado Boulder
Maryland Institute College of Art- Fine art post bacc
SMFA, boston
PaFA., Pennsylvania Academy of the fine arts

my gpa is around 3.75 and this is most science classes.
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You definitely have a shot...a lot of post-bac students are there because they wish to switch gears from whatever field into fine arts. 


You might want to consider SAIC's prior degree BFA. I think it's only a year...

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