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Please help me in evaluating my SOP...please...its really urgent!

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I am writing to express my interest in pursuing the Masters programme in Business and Management in Trinity College. The prospect of understanding today’s complex business environment excites me to understand its dynamics and real potential. I am passionate about mass media and this industry has always made me more curious when the dynamics of communication affects the decisions of millions of consumers and corporations.


After completing my graduation in Mass Media, I worked in the media industry servicing various clients ranging from a world class European football team (FC Bayern Munich) to a luxury car brand (Audi). The major responsibility included handling media communication where as part of my job, I handled press operations, tracked media coverage and media mapping. This required me to work with cross level teams from different cultures in a global environment.


Even though I earnestly enjoyed my work, but I realized that I need a formal management education to bridge the gap between my interest and my understanding of complexities in business, which would enable me to become abetter manager and subsequently, a good leader. I am confident that pursuing Masters in Business Management from your renowned University will not only equip me with the best knowledge but will also inculcate in me the necessary intellect and vision to be a future entrepreneur. I see this course as an opportunity to channelize my potential in right direction.


I believe that this course of MSc in Business and Management from Trinity College would help me in honing the required skills and knowledge. Most importantly, I believe this institution shall provide an environment with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds and shall help me in building my perspective not just professionally, but also shape up my outlook and approach towards life. With a comprehensive academic curriculum, world class faculty, diverse students and strong pedagogy, I believe I shall be able to make a mark in media industry and be a successful professional and a happy person. I definitely shall bring in my experience and knowledge so far to the classroom and contribute in the best possible ways, if selected.

Thank You for considering my application.

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How did everything turn out for you with your revise SOP.

I am applying now to a graduate program and am working on my SOP.

Would like any advice, help, suggestions that you think can help me mention.

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