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CMU Tangible Interaction Design vs NYU Tisch Game Design?


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This is sort of like a bright-future-versus-long-time-dream frustration...


CMU's program definitely guarantees better career development, provides both phd and big company chances. 

And it's also more affordable, in my case about $30k cheaper, a big number for my family.


NYU's game program is also cool, but it doens't help international students to find a job financially stable (comparatively), considering its location away from the industry and independent style. 


I made my decision to enter CMU immediately after being accepted. However, these days the frustration is getting stronger and stronger. I feel like I've betrayed my dream to become a big figure in the game industry, to make some games have influence on millions of players.


This seems to be a decision affecting the trajectory of life. It makes me restless...


I also got accepted by CMU's ETC and NYU's ITP but I'm likely to decline this two though I still haven't.


What your opinion guys, give me some help, thanks



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Are you still at CMU MTID program? 

I got admits from CMU MTID and NYU ITP for fall 14, I'm a little confused. 


I have 6k scholership plus 12 k Ra ship offer out of 35k tuition fee at CMU

I have 25k scholarship at NYU ITP out of 50 k that'd i'd be spending there annually.


Does CMU guarantee job?

How good is NYU ITP comparatively?

It's a close call for me, your opinions are welcome!



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(I know it's long after but maybe this thread will continue be visited thus I still post it here)

This decision really depends on which matters to you most. Maybe think about where your passion is, what you want to get out of the program (as you said to get a work) and what kind of people you want to study together with. If there isn' enough information for you to make decision, maybe you can go to facebook or LinkedIn and to find people who study there, send a friendly email and ask how they think about their programs.


I currently study in ITP and I took a few classes in NYU Game Center.

I think Game Center is a super cool place and they are really studying in depth about game design. They are required to first play and think about a lot of games, then do a lot of hands on practice on all kinds of games whether digital or non digital, and do tons of playtesting and progress. It's more indie style, there are definitely more game-as-art (you know Journey?) or narrative storytelling inside, and you get to wear a lot of different hats at the same time (art, music, programming, etc). The network to industry is nice imp because they hold and attend a lot of activities and conferences like GDC, Games 4 Chance, etc. In general I think it's definitely a good place to learn and practice creative thinking and do something interesting, conpared to just learn the skills and make yourself a good component for the industry.

As for ITP I think its a great place to try cutting edge tech and play with them however you like and build stuff in a short amount of time. Play is the spirit, and communication is the core. You will have access to great gigs like the latest HTC Vive, Leap Motion, OpenBCI headset, drones, etc. And the best part is you can take control of your own project and play with it however you want, either groupwork or solo it. As for communication, it's about connecting with tech, with art, with people, with imagination, with social good, etc etc. Thus you can find a lot of alum ending up being Creative Technologist, User Experience Designer, Installation Artist, Imagineer, or maybe just a better-thinking designer or developer in a big name company. You can learn from a lot of crazy people from all sorts of majors, Industrial Design, Computer Science, Film, Music, Biochemistry, Visual designer, Journalism, and most people are really nice and willing to help. I persoanlly appreciate my experience because I got the chance to open mind in so much different areas like visual design, music, performance, etc, and also be able to get a taste of game design as well. I'm young and it's perfect for me to try a lot of possibilities before I really devote in a specific industry; it's nice for bored industry people to get new inspirations and play around with their own ideas; it's also just a nice place to start playing around with coding and design.

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