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Is this a tactful email for this situation?

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Hello, I was wondering if someone may help me with this email I need to send to a professor from another department. He is helping me with a favor, by making a map for me that I need for my thesis. I havent heard from him in two weeks, and realize that he must be busy, but I need the map as soon as possible. I've composed an email below, can someone help me by saying whether it is good to send, is it respectful and polite, but still getting the message across? Thank you! I have not talked much with this professor, and I live 150 miles away from the campus currently.


Dear Dr. ______,


Hello, I was wondering if you got a chance to look at the attachment I sent you on March 25th? I really do not want to be a burden, as I know you are busy. I am just finalizing my thesis and checking up on parts that I still need to do. Again, thank you so much for the help.

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Yeah, better to phone or knock on his door. It's easy to forget about emails in an inbox, a person standing in your doorway has to be dealt with immediately.

In general, my experience with faculty is that unless you give them a clear deadline for when you require x to be done...they'll do x at their own, sweet, slow pace. Be upfront & specific about when you want the map.

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I agree that a phone call may be more productive, but if you are going to send the email I would take out the sentence about not being a burden.  I've gotten rid of my habit of being overly deferential to professors and advisors.  They are busy, but so am I, and their time is no more important than mine.


"Hello, Dr. X,


A few weeks ago we discussed you making a map for me that I need for my thesis.  I was just checking in to see if this was something that you could still provide me with.  I am in the final stages of my thesis, and I need this piece to put the finishing touches on it.  I appreciate your help.


Thanks, me."

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