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MFA for Alt. Photo Processes?


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I'm planning on applying for graduate school for my MFA in photography for the Fall 2014, and my interest is in alternative processes (cyanotypes & albumen specifically). I have researched a little, and I have found a few such as Lesley University, San Jose State, and Arizona State, that specialize in or have facilities for alternative processes, but I am finding it difficult to find very many. I realize the processes aren't widely practiced, but I figured I would post to see if anyone else knew of any schools that may fit this criteria. 





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Trying to get this a little more attention! I have been researching and researching and emailing more people than I can count.

If someone just has even a tiny shred of information for me, or even of schools overseas with specializationsin alternative process.

Anything would be helpful.

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I would look for photographers who work in similar processes and see where they went on their CV.  You might not find a whole department of professors who work in alt. processes, but what you need is at least one good professor.

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To the best of my knowledge, no program specifically concentrates on Alternative photography. However, they may have a few classes over the course of multiple semesters regarding that. 


Here in India we have GOA-CAP (GOA Centre for Alternative Photography) 


They have a number of paid residencies and an annual sponsored one. They practice quite a bit of alternative processes (albumen, gum bichromate, C type, Salt Prints etc) 


Here are some links that might help you




And this is the blog that the residents maintain. 




If you need more information, feel free to hit me up.




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