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USC not making admissions until May 1st?


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I called USC to check the status of my application for admission into the PhD program for pharmaceutical sciences and they told me I would not know until May 1st. I thought all academic decisions were supposed to be made by April 15?

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I thought all academic decisions were supposed to be made by April 15?

Not really. There are some good threads on this in the "Freak out Forum".


I am waiting on USC as well. I wonder why they would wait so long when people generally accept offers before May.

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I am also still waiting to hear from USC. I applied for MS EE, Fall 2013 and still no decision. My portion of the application was submitted on Nov 1, 2012. My last letter of recommendation was submitted Jan 3, 2013. I called today to inquire on the status. I tried to press them for more info on the timeframe for a decision, but they would only give a categorical statement that the decision process will not finish until June 30 (!). Here is a copy of the email follow up they sent me.




Thank you for your phone call. Your application materials have been received and are in queue to be reviewed. While we cannot inform you of the exact date your application materials will be reviewed, you will be contacted if anything further is required from you.


Please note that the date an application is submitted does not determine the date an admission decision will be issued. For complete fall semester applications submitted by the application deadline, admission decisions are issued at any time from January through June. After a decision has been made, your official notification will be disclosed via postal mail.



This is extremely frustrating and disappointing. USC is my first choice. I have admission offers from other schools, but they want a response from me by today.

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I believe USC send rejections through regular Postal Service. If I recall from my previous admission to MS in Computer Science (that was back in 2006 though), I got my acceptance through the regular mail service back then. 


It seems that now, I am not sure though, that USC sends rejections through regular mail, and sends email to accepted students. 


Good luck everyone!

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So it's been a month since I called USC for a status update. Here I am today and still no admission decision from them. Should I call again, or might that be too pushy?


Since I last called them a month ago, I sent updated transcripts from UCLA Extension for winter quarter grades. I'm thinking I could at least check to confirm their receipt of those transcripts.


I know a lot of other schools have started or are about to start registration for fall classes, but here is USC with many still pending applications.

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oh you did some course work in UCLA? That's why!.. j/k


As one can see in the results, some got their acceptance/rejection last week. USC sends regular post mail, so make sure the address you put in the application is correct. Check USC ApplyYourSelf, maybe there's a message like "A Decision has been made, you will get it by postal mail service" ---> that usually means rejection. 


For me, I have already accepted another offer (I did my MS in USC!), and I am not putting any hopes on USC. Maybe you're on some wait list . I mean they could be waiting for others to response to their offers, and then maybe they send out new offers (hopefully?)


I wouldn't think it would be too pushy to call, or email.. although I don't usually do that. I would ask: "Are decisions still made through late May, maybe early June?".. you know an indirect way to ask. They probably will not tell you that you're accepted or rejected over the phone. It seems that you may get an email if accepted, and a postal mail if rejected. 

Good luck, and please do update us :)



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Add me to the list of ppl still waiting to hear from USC. Applied for M.S in Comp Eng and have already contacted twice this month and they are still like it's under review. I am very worried as USC is my first choice but I need to get confirmation and based on that join other uni in case i don't get here. I am not sure how much longer I can wait. Wish they would be faster about this.

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Finally got my decision! Accepted via email. I had totally discounted any possibility of being accepted.



I'm still waiting... this is driving me crazy.


I saw three more entries at the admission results page.


Seriously, I'm not even sure if I can or can't have hope.


Maybe I have to give up now, since there would be absolutely no time to progress visas and stuff, even if I get in. :/



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