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Michigan Tech Physics....any news?


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I am an international student, having applied to the physics dept, at MichTech, I havent heard from them yet. Does that mean that I have been rejected, and they are just sending notifications to the guys who got in  before?? Also, I had applied for the regular deadline ( Mar 1st) . Do let me know if any of you has heard from them after applying on this deadline.


Secondly, I have an admit from a more prestigious program, but without any funding. Michigan Tech has significantly reduced tuition fees, and a lot of work in my relevant field, which makes me want to wait to hear from them before I respond to my first offer ( which btw..I have  to do by 15th ) . Also, further funding opportunities seem likely to arise from michigan tech, but at a bit later stage. Right now, I am just worried about an initial response from the DGS before I am "forced" to accept the offer I already have, which is more prestigious but less preferred personally . 


Thus, do let me know  if anybody has already heard from the dept,. despite filling in on the march 1st deadline. Also, any other form of suggestion regarding waiting out before giving a "yes" to the more prestigious offer  ARE WELCOME.

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