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Anyone taking their Comprehensive written and oral exams this month?

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My graduate M.A. English comprehensive written exams are next week!!

AH!!    6 hours long!!!  Trying not to panic.


Anyone else taking their exams this term?

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i've got comps on may 3. prepping for a question on the relationship of postmodernism to modernism & another on the role of ecocriticism in 20th century american lit. good times!!

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for those of you who are taking phd comps/generals, what's your study strategy? 

I'm also doing a novels field...have about 50 books on this first list. I read everything once, make a general 'thoughts' note, then do a second pass through (not necessarily reading the whole book) and make more detailed notes about how the book fits into the topic of my exam, particularly useful sections, and how it relates to other texts on the list. I have regular meetings with my committee to discuss groups of texts from the list,too. Our exams are only oral exams, so practicing talking about the books is the most important part, I think...

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