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V:156, Q:150, Should I re-test?


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These are unofficial scores. I *just* finished the test, so I won't have my AWA for another two - three weeks. With that said, I feel I did the strongest on that, so I'm hoping for a 5 - 5.5.


I'm hoping for top-tier MA/PhD history programs for China.


I've read lots of threads on this topic already, so I'm familiar with the proverbial "it depends" response.


I don't see my Q getting any better. Also, here in China, the GRE is only on Saturdays, which entails me taking a full day off work. Between testing fees, missing a day of work, commute, etc. taking the test costs me about US$400; not to mention all of the stress.


I guess what I'm really looking for is a, "Hey, I did the same/worse than you and I still got in! Cheer up!"

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I got Q148, V165 and AW5...My scores, as far as I know, did not negatively impact me.

Whoa I had these exact same scores. I focused on just getting a decent verbal score (I knew my q would be awful); my guess is that this is really what's looked at, as had been mentioned here various times.

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Whereas I had a V167/Q158/W4.5 and I struck out hard on PhD apps this cycle. With GREs it seems to be a "don't be terrible" thing and you weren't terrible.


I wouldn't bother retesting as long as your written stays above a 4.5 or so. I asked a perspective prof how they used the written portion and he said "That's the one that's out of 6, right?"

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Thanks for the replies and encouragement.


I was thinking the same thing; that I would only retest if I did abysmally on the writing.


Now I'll just wait and see.

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I was a 159V/151Q/3.5AW and I got into the program I wanted to and some to spare. Granted at the time I didn't know it was my dream program.


And, this was coming in with one horrible letter of rec. The second lukewarm (he's a great guy and said positive things but it wasn't as directed as it could have been) and the third that was singing my praises in ways that made me blush. 


So yes, it depends. But just letting you know it's possible!

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