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MSFS Open House - 4/11/13


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Hi everyone,


What did attendees of the MSFS open house, held last Thursday, April 11th think of the event? I definitely thought it was a less showy affair than SAIS's open house the day before, and I was impressed by the program director's enthusiasm, fellow prospective students and current students, and really liked the small class size of the program. Every top school like MSFS emphasizes their powerful alumni network, and I don't doubt that MSFS's, or even SAIS's, Fletcher's and other top school's are great, but I can certainly see how MSFS can foster a powerful community being smaller than SAIS, SIPA and other schools with larger student bodies.


What did other attendees think?

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I was very impressed by the MSFS open house. The faculty were pretty forthright with answering questions, especially when we split up to talk about concentrations. The emphasis on the strengths of career services was fantastic too. I'm not sure about the rest of the attendees, but I personally enjoyed the one part of the open house where we went around the room and individually introduced ourselves - that really drove home the point that the class of 2015 had been very carefully put together, and I remember being very impressed and intimidated by everyone else there.


Line909 - you're definitely right when you talk about community. I remember coming away from the day rather pleased with how honest our student guides were when it came to assessing the pros and cons of the program, and more importantly feeling really welcomed. I liked the other admitted students with whom I spoke at the open house, and I think they'll make great classmates.


I've only been to one other open house, but I was a little disappointed that we didn't get the chance to sit in on a class. Maybe given the small size of classes that would've been disruptive, but I found that to be rather helpful at the other open house I attended. Still, thanks to whoever it was who asked the question about what an average class was like.


P.S. If we happen to have spoken last Thursday, say hi!

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