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Where to go! Help Decide!


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I am interested in Organization theory and econ soc. My list is pretty much narrowed down to the following:

1. U of Iowa (PhD)

2. U of KY (MA/PhD)

3. Iowa State U (MA/PhD)

MA/PhD designates that I applied to the master's program with the intention of continuing for the PhD. I have been waitlisted at UMass, and I expect to hear from one more - - but I wanna get rid of two of the three so that people on waiting lists at those schools can get an offer. I would love to hear suggestions/comments and PMs are welcome.

Thanks in advance!

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I've heard in my department right now that UK is kind of on the rocks. Some of their faculty have shifted to the agricultural department in the past few years due to internal problems. They may have settled things by now, but I'm not sure. Also, they have a pretty large rural sociology focus. I'm not sure about their economic soc program. Iowa has a good quantitative program, which may align itself well with economic sociology. Don't know much about Iowa State. Hope this helps.

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I don't have an opinion, but I did want to say that you should take your time to decide. It's really considerate of you to want to let waitlisted people in ASAP (makes me feel bad that I might not be giving you the same courtesy :P), but you have every right to gather as much information as possible and be absolutely sure about your decision before declaring it. If that happens to be before April 15th, all the better.

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Tritonetelephone, I'm thinking you're likely to go to UMass? Or are you liking the idea of being as close to Miami beach as possible? :)

I have no idea, as of right now. I'll let them know as soon as I make a decision... but it might come down to the wire. UMass's visiting day isn't for another 2 weeks or so.

I might need to ask you guys (gradcafe-ers) for help once I have more info and still can't make up my mind. :P

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