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Help needed - Second thoughts


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Hi All,


I could not make sure whether it is worth to go to the states for GSU, PhD in Cognitive Sciences (Psyc). 


From what I heard from other people (mostly some friends from the US)  I feel like the university does not offer much of an intellectual environment. I am sure undergrads might be a different story, and it certainly depends on the grad program that I am admitted but I am having serious doubts about whether one (one being with masters degree from a top institution in her home country, 3.95 gpa, and 110 toefl score, 159 on quant, and  fulbright scholarship) could feel overqualified for that place easily. POI seems very interested in having me, and he even let me to take a couple of days to reconsider my options.


I will be more than happy to hear any thoughts on it.


Thank you!

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Over-qualified is the wrong word. The problem is that you are a bit of an under-achiever. However, the brightest people are never bored because they are open to intellectual stimuli where ever they go.  You will find dimwits and fools even at the best institutions. Never mind the fact that most of your graduate studies will be spent toiling all by your lonesome.

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