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apologies if this has been covered in the forum elsewhere (i searched but didn't find anything relevant)...


i just noticed that one of the summer courses being offered at my current school has a reading list with quite a bit of overlap into some small projects i'm working on now, as well as my larger phd project. so my question is: what's the etiquette/protocol for guest lecturing? i assume the standard practice is that you'd be invited to speak rather than approaching a professor & volunteering to do so, but curious how common (if at all) it is to go against that norm? anyone have any experience with this?



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thanks for the responses!


i'm graduating this semester, so i'd be out of the program by then. it's a split-level course, though, so that could be problematic. i may just ask him about it in person at the department's graduation banquet, since both of the smaller projects that're relevant to his summer course will be finished by then & i'll have something tangible to run past him should he be interested.


thanks again!

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I'd really bring this up personally with the professor, after a preliminary email requesting a short conversation regarding that course. It would also depend to a great extent on how well you know the professor teaching the course. 

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