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Princeton in Asia v Fulbright


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Hi, so I would love feedback on how to make a difficult decision: I have to choose between a Fulbright ETA position or an NGO offer thru Princeton in Asia. The NGO is more related to the field of study/career I'm interested in, but I do not speak the host country language and am worried how effective/meaningful my contribution could be. Also, with the prestige of the Fulbright, even if it is not related to what I want to do in grad school and beyond, is it too prestigious to turn down? Has anyone else made a similar decision? Thanks!

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First of all, congratulations. As for your question, I have friends who have done both, and all were able to get into very good grad programs. But if you were accepted for both Princeton in Asia and a Fulbright I'd say getting into a good grad school shouldn't be a problem for you anyway. :-) From what I understand about development studies, the biggest factor for getting the job you want down the line is the practical experience you've pursued along the way. So if you chose Fulbright, just keep being a go-getter in grad school and you'll be fine. I think you're free to do whichever you'd prefer. Neither would be a 'mistake'.

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Email students from both programs. I'm a former Fulbrighter and I field emails all the time from people in just this sort of situation. Only people on the ground really know what each program is like and what you're actually going to be able to get out of it. Tell them your plans and ask them their advice.

And stop it with the, "which is more prestigious" B.S., take the option that fits your interests best and excites you most because that's the one that will help propel you forward. 

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