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MBA Hopeful- Please Chance Me


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Hi everyone,

Thus far, I have had positive experiences with The Grad Cafe so I thought I would do a "Chance Me" thread for MBA programs. I will be applying this fall and basically would like to know if my list of schools is reasonable or not.

About Me:
Undergrad: Public School in Virginia
Degree: Bachelor of Science, Marketing
Work Experience: I've held several internships (4 Advertising/Marketing, 1 Research position) As a Research assistant I actually worked under Sheila Johnson (co-owner of BET and Washington Mystics). Great experience. In addition to my internships, I now work at a global advertising agency in NYC. Moved up from Assistant Account Executive to Account Executive within just one year. My role here is account management (pharmaceutical account). I love it, but what I REALLY want to do is brand management (client-side). One of the requirements of becoming a Brand Manager is an MBA, so hence why I want this degree so badly.

Undergrad Cumulative GPA: 3.197 (not so stellar I know...)
Undergrad Major GPA: 3.500
As for my undergrad GPA being low, I did have significant upward trend each year.
Fall 07 (2.615) | Spring 08 (3.071) | Fall 08 (3.2) | Spring 09 (3.75) | Fall 09 (2.8) | Spring 10 (3.33) | Fall 10 (3.0) | Spring 11 (3.5) | Fall 11 (3.75)
I really hope they take the upward trend into consideration. I do plan to address my weakness in essay #4. I worked 40+ hours to pay bills, since housing dormitories are far too pricey. Working so many hours while taking 15 credit hours was certainly a struggle (not that I'm trying to make excuses...).

GMAT: I finished the Manhattan GMAT course and will be taking this spring. Still studying...

This past fall I was accepted to Fordham's Pre-MBA program, which consists of taking 3 MBA-level courses: Managerial Economics ( B), Statistics (B+), and Mathematical Methods for Business (B+). This program was a really great opportunity and I'm grateful for the experience. I now know what to expect at the MBA level and know this is the right step for me. My graduate GPA is 3.33.

I was an Undergraduate Teaching Assistant my last semester in undergrad, so for one of my letters of recommendations I was going to ask the Dr. who I assisted/researched under. He is published and very charismatic- think he would make a great recommender. But the other two letters will come from current supervisors as professional LORs hold more precedence than educational. I have a HUGE passion for advertising and can clearly articulate my short-term and long-term goals, as well as why I want an MBA, why now, and why the school.

So, I was hoping to get a feel for what I'm up against this fall. I know some people refer to b-school acceptances as a "crap shoot" so I wanted to provide you with my list of schools I would like to apply to and ask you if I should add any more to the list. It may be a bit of an ambitious list with not many safeties. My company offers the tuition reimbursement program, so for the OOS schools, I would only go there if I had a shot at funding from them.

So without further a due, here is my list (in no particular order):

George Mason
St. John's
UC- Irvine

University of San Francisco

I feel like I need more "likelies" or "safeties." Please advise! If you would need my GMAT scores to really chance me, I will check back in a few months after I take it. This is just a rough guess. Also, if you have suggestions of great Marketing- Brand Mgmt programs let me know!

Thank you and sorry so long :)

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[Note:  You're far more likely to get informed responses by posting this in the appropriate thread -- The Menu/Professional Programs/Business.  You might consider deleting this thread and reposting there.]


It's virtually impossible to "chance" you absent GMAT scores.


You might clarify whether you're intending on full-time or part-time study or would be open to considering either.  You mention tuition reimbursement from your employer, which would imply a part-time program, yet you've include some full time programs on your list.  Funding for full-time MBA study is exceedingly rare.


With all of that said, I think your UGPA is likely to be a barrier to admission at most elite schools (esp. Columbia and NYU from your list above).  The Fordham classes maybe a boost for admission to Fordham, not sure about elsewhere.  You might consider gaining more full-time work experience before applying, which could strengthen your candidacy.

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Thank you for the reply!


Yes, I thought it was implied that I would be specifically applying to PT MBA programs since my company is paying for it (partially anyway). The only school on my list that is FT only is CBS- which let's be honest is a reach for EVERYONE. It's just a "dream school" I guess you could say. I'm aware that it is difficult to chance someone without a GMAT score which is why I wrote in my original post, "If you would need my GMAT scores to really chance me, I will check back in a few months after I take it."


You're absolutely right about my UGPA. I have a feeling that is going to be a difficult barrier for me which is why I need to work on my GMAT, essays, and ensure that my LORs are up to par.


I will post this thread in the forum you suggested.


Thanks again!

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