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Online Prep Courses?


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Hi all, 


I am interested in paying for a GRE prep course I can do online (so far I've seen Barron, Kaplan, and Princeton Review).  I've tried the Kaplan course (I got it free for 30 days) and it was okay.  However, I feel I need to try a different online course to avoid hitting a plateau.  Besides, I keep hearing good things about Barron.  Has anyone tried it and if so, what was your experience like?  Is there any particular course you would recommend?  My summary of Kaplan's course is this: 



- You can select what sections to target to create your own quiz

- It has a large quiz bank (2,000+ questions) 

- It has 7 different practice tests you can do



- Sometimes I felt they had the wrong answer simply because their workbooks admittedly have mistakes they try to correct by posting the correct answers online 

- Boring website design (this starts to count after you spend hours upon hours practicing)

- Poor explanation of answers

- Price (I would not have paid $499 for it at all


I would appreciate any reviews on any online courses you may have tried.  Thanks in advance!   



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I would say Manhattan, I've used Kaplan and Manhattan and Manhattan is better.


I wouldn't know if it's available on Pirate Bay as I definitely did not pirate it.


I also would definitely NOT pirate it. 


Thanks to you both! I'll give these a try. 

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There is an important point about kaplan. Quant questions are very easy, it's easier than the actual exam, if you try powerprep exam or Manhattan exam you'll we a huge difference.

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