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I noticed that Fletcher's enrollment form lists the following schools when asking students where they intend to enroll instead of Fletcher:



Yale Center for Intl and Area studies
Are you surprised that AU isn't up there with GWU? Maryland SPP is not on the list either.
I just wanted to point it out since I found it interesting. 
In my case, I applied to 6 schools and 5 are from this list. The only one that isn't is LKY school in Singapore. 
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Funny that you said that because I was kind of laughing at the same thing when I was declining my offer from Fletcher and they asked which other school I chose instead. It is kind of random that GW is up there and AU isn't because they are definitely very similar in terms of quality, but I don't think you can read that much into it. But it is a funny "rebuke" of AU nevertheless.


I applied to eight schools and AU and Korbel are the only ones not on the list (and I'm positive AU shouldn't be lumped together with Korbel; like I said, GW and AU are nearly identical in terms of "overall" quality with some of AU's concentrations being stronger than GW's and vice versa).

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Strange that Harris is not up there either...


It looks like the list is just IR schools. While WWS and HKS are policy programs, a lot of people go to those schools to focus on international issues.

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