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Yet another thread about getting into a PhD program.

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Hi Everyone! I am a physicist transitioning into statistics. Now that this round of applications is over, I was hoping that the denizens of the forums could help me identify some coursework that I could take that would improve my chances at getting into a PhD program in about a year and a half.  I will be entering a Masters program in the fall. 


Ultimately, my goal is to get into a PhD program at an upper/middle tier school. Eventually, I would like to pursue academic research and engage in statistical consulting for other academics (I am also interested in data modeling). 


Some Relevant info:

B.S. Physics 2003 top 40 University 3.26 GPA

                Calc II, III and differential equations (AP calc I in high school) (one B, two A’s)

                I also took some other courses in 2012 at far less prestigious university.

    Linear Algebra, Applied Statistics,  A’s in both   


GRE score:  159 Quantitative, is it worthwhile to take it again?  Should I take the math subject exam?


I see from other forum posts that taking real analysis is key, but are there any other courses that I should be looking at?


The stats core at my school includes:

  • Probability and Statistics
  • Advanced Mathematical Statistics (Convergence of random variables, the Central Limit Theorem; theory of estimation, hypothesis  testing; the multivariate normal density; introduction to linear models; Bayesian statistics)
  • Experimental Design
  • Regression and
  • Statistical Data Management

Other classes I’m considering are advanced calculus 2 and real analysis.  I will ask my advisor what he or she thinks(once I get one).

Any help is super appreciated!

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