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TU/e Automotive Technology vs. Clemson CU-ICAR Automotive Engineering


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I have admits from the following programs (both unfunded).
Automotive Technology - TU/e
Automotive Engineering - Clemson University CU-ICAR

Prospective Student and Current applicants please share your opinion on both universities. I want to specialize in Vehicle Dynamics and Control. Univ ranking is not of much concern to me as long as the program is great and serves the purpose.

Clemson over TU/e
1. Cheaper.
2. CU-ICAR is awesome from what i have heard from everyone and also online reviews.
3. Very close industry tie-ups( i am yet to research on TU/e but CU-ICAR certainly has good tie-ups)

TU/e over Clemson
1. Europe, Close to Germany, NL, Europe(Again) icon_smile.gif
2. Department is not separated from main campus. So very very good university life exposure. I want to experience that as well. I get a feeling that CU-ICAR will be like going to office everyday and getting Knowledge Transfers from managers for two years.
3. Close to Germany so good opportunities in vehicle dynamics and control.

Every1 please give your suggestions.


My Profile in brief:

University/College University of Mumbai, SPCE Department Information Technology

Grade: 66%

Topper's Grade: 77%

Grade Scale: Percentage


1. Currently working at Tata Motors Ltd. (Engineering Research Center. Part of the multi-body dynamics group.) 
2. 2Yr Work ex. Deloitte Consulting LLP (Technology Consulting). 
3. Summer Intern Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu. 
4. Five Research Papers( 3 ACM, 1 IEEE, 1 Journal) 
5. Completed certified training in "Modeling and Simulation of Automotive Control Systems". 
6. Other details, please check my linkedin profile.
7. WES iGPA - 3.48 on a scale of 4.00

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