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So... I have been admitted into Pitt for Security Policy and AU SIS for International Politics. My original idea was to go ahead and do Int Politics and SIS with a concentration in Int Security which is what I was admitted for. What I am quickly realizing though is that I should be in the US Foreign Policy track at SIS. I have also applied to GWU for Security Policy Studies which is the program I would attend if admitted. Assuming AU and Pitt are my only options, do you guys think they would let me switch to the other program, even if it were after a semester?

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I have a similar problem and also asked this question in another thread. I just found this on the website:

Once I have applied into one academic program in SIS, can I change my field?

As admission decisions are specific to each program, students cannot change their programs during the admission process. Once admitted to a program/field, a student must stay in that program for one semester, at which point he or she can request a field transfer. Field transfer applications are handled through the Graduate Advising Office.

Don't know if it happens often though. If I get an answer in the other thread--I will post it here!

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