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math/app math: any confirmed rejections from these schools?

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After sending out email inquiries to my schools, i've gotten back a lot of "first round acceptances have been sent, your app is still pending, etc..." So i'd like to know if anybody has gotten any actual REJECTIONS from the following schools so that I can figure out if i am actually on a waitlist, or if these schools unofficially waitlist EVERYBODY until all available spots are filled and then send out rejections at the end.

applied math:

univ of arizona

univ of iowa

UT austin

pure math:

univ of florida



uc san diego

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pro said:
Patience; they must tell you by april 15.

That's not true. If you have an offer, they can't make you decide before April 15. As a result, you most likely won't get off the wait-list, if indeed you do, prior to April 15.

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