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    Now I'm just confused. You got the award, right? I think I saw your name on the list. I thought it was because I didn't get two e's from different people, but clearly that wasn't it. I got e/e vg/g. Totally random.
  2. math123


    ^^^ why are you black too? I don't see how race can be deemed 'interesting'. This person clearly wasn't good according to his rankings. But they gave him a bye because he was black. Yeah, life ain't fair, but that's total bullshit.
  3. math123


    People like you make me sick. You totally used the black card to get ahead. I got e/e, and vg/g and received shit.
  4. math123


    mathematics. got nothing with vg/g and e/e i hate nsf and the people on these panels. they are so inconsistent in what they say they are looking for.
  5. Agreed. This person clearly already knows what he/she wants to do and is simply seeking affirmation from equally amoral people. This person knew what he was getting himself into. Oxford works on a very different timescale--as do most UK universities. There is nothing selfish or unethical about these programs abroad. However, what this person is set on doing is very much selfish and unethical. Period.
  6. Why is it a bad idea? Because it's unethical. That's why. When you accept an offer, it is expected that you will keep your word. You do not want to burn bridges by actively screwing schools over.
  7. math123

    stuck...no acceptions, still waiting..

    I'm really sorry. It sounds like you should wait and see what Temple says, as that appears to be your first, and best, option. If things don't work out this year, contact the programs and try to find out what about your application stood out, and perhaps work to better it.
  8. math123

    Oxford Politics - Gathering III

    The notes of guidance say 15 May (the IR department may work faster, but they are not obliged to let you know before this University deadline). Looks like you have at least another month of waiting...
  9. math123


    With the Clarendon competition over, your sources of funding are even more severely limited as an overseas student. A College may have a special studentship/scholarship which you can apply for (if the deadlines have yet to pass!), but you should not be expecting for them to throw money at you. It doesn't work like that. If this is a one year course, you may want to start thinking about whether it's a good idea to bite the bullet and self-fund. Hasn't been that long has it? ;-) Once the offer has been made.
  10. math123

    HKS worth $130K in debt?

    wow; just, wow. now, surely that's "racist"!
  11. math123


    anthro is correct. If you receive a fellowship, they don't set 3 years worth of money aside for you--just enough for that one year.
  12. math123


    scienceteacher7, wonderfully put! You sound like you have a good head on those shoulders. I wish you the best of luck!
  13. math123


    You aren't really being free with the details, but surely a (funded!) Ivy master's will be better. You can always apply to the DPhil next year along with other schools in the US. But, hey, it's a personal choice.
  14. math123


    It seems to me that you want to do the MSc because you think you can get a funded DPhil place after. If so, that's the wrong way to go about it. Remember, funding is never a guarantee. Unless your department offers studentships which would cover ALL your expenses as an overseas student, will you be any better off in a year's time than you are right now as an MSc applicant?
  15. math123

    HKS worth $130K in debt?

    Ugh, why do I even bother. My fuckin' taxes are bailing out people like you and vannik who believe in whatever they want to believe.

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