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Question for Hunter MA students (but I suppose for students in general)...


It's my first time registering for MA classes and I'm not sure how many classes to take this first semester. I know this could vary depending on schedules, money, other commitments, etc., but for the most part, what would you recommend?

How have you spaced out your credits per semester to graduate in x amount of time?



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heres the deal. they dont let you register for your 6th class until you pass both the language exam and the comp.  So the answer ti this question really depends on two things: 1) how soon can you pass those exams, and 2) how long do you want to take to graduate? Also to consider is whether you will be working or not and how much time you have to devote to writing.


That being said, I worked full time as a pubic school teacher and took 3 classes a semester (the max) and pulled all A's.  I also had no life.  NO LIFE.  On the other hand, I'm one of 2 people from my cohort graduating on time (which is like, probably out of 20, I guess).


Here's what I did:


Sem. 1) 2 courses (passed lang exam)

Sem 2) 3 courses (passed comp exam)

Summer--started researching non-stop.

Sem 3) 3 courses

IMMEDIATELY after courses ended started writing thesis

Sem 4) 1 course plus thesis


Looking back, I wish I had taken 3 courses and both exams the first semester.  you can take the lang exam in any modern language (including spanish).  However, if you don't think youll pass both exams the first semester (which I knew I needed to study for the comp) there's no point in taking 3 classes, because you'll only be able to register for 2 in the spring, and have totally stressed yourself out sem 1 for nothing.


I highly recommend getting research methods and theory and crit out of the way as soon as possible, and getting your course distribution.  I'm going to PM you about specific classes!


Also, "like"  Hunter Art History MA Social Club on Facebook!

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I registered for nine hours this first semester, too.

I'm planning on completing the language (French) and comp exam after this first semester. Taking Medieval, Modern, and the ResMet/Raphael course to help as a review for the comp. 


Really not sure if I'll be working full or part-time, but I plan on graduating in two years of accumulate time. So, no life. I say 'accumulate time,' because I will be applying for the Fulbright ETA to Turkey through Hunter for the 2014-15 year, my side project being Turkish contemporary art, and that being a gap year between the two years of study (if all pans out).

Unfortunately, I can't recommend anything to you. I'm right there with Manie in thinking the lang/comp should be knocked out asap, and I plan on following most of her schedule - although with 3 courses the first semester, instead. 

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then 9 hrs should be fine--raphael will be a non-event, as you will soon see.  everyone likes weintraub and his course workload seems fair.  hahn has a reputation for being terrifying and hard but then giving good grades at the end.  you should be fine.  start studying for the comp.  get on to artstor asap for the images.

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