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Computational Neuroscience: How to approach it?


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Hey all,


I am becoming very interested in this subject, though I am despairing because I do not have a math or physics background.


Here's a brief bio: Graduated with a BS in behavioral neuroscience, and am working as a technician in a molecular neuroscience lab. I've had some maths like calc, have done some on my own learning of linear algebra, and I know a little bit of programming in java/python/matlab. I'm currently taking a computational neuro class on coursera, and I find it really interesting albeit above my head mathematically, so I've done to the extra work to keep up.


I'm wondering if any of you are acquainted with the field, and could give me advice on how to pursue it further. I would like to apply to grad programs this fall, but I'm afraid that if I apply to dedicated programs, or general programs while specializing a computational track, that I wont stand a chance. Would it be better to apply to general programs and then once I'm in (if I'm in) then I can move into a more computational area? Would I be able to sufficiently ge the background I need this way? Alternatively, should I consider doing a masters or a post-bac in some area of math?


Thanks for the read!

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