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Master of Software Engineering program at CMU or a Masters in Computer Science at University of Minnesota Twin Cities?


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I have an undergraduate degree in Computer Science and have been working at a not so great software firm from past 2 years. I am not sure about what I want to achieve after finishing my Masters. On one hand I want to advance my career at a better pace. On the other hand there is an itch to join the academia, do research and enjoy a relaxed lifestyle.


I have been admitted into the following:

1. Master of Software Engineering program at CMU. Totally industry oriented course.

2. MS in Computer Science program at University of Minnesota Twin Cities.


I am still waiting for results from USC and UC Davis (both being MS in CS programs).


Total expenses at CMU would be 100k, whereas at UMN they would amount to 65-70k. There is also a possibility of an assistantship position at Minnesota after first or second semester. In both cases I would be going under debt, but the debt would be double in case of CMU.


Has anyone been in a similar situation who can give me a proper perspective?

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both have best part and some concerns..

cmu is brand maxx, good profs, good location, funding chances are good ( don't know about MSE).. but expensive maxx if no funding, tough competition.

minnesota ..first thing is very cold :P ... second is cheap...certainly less comptt ...funding is more probable... 

if u can afford cmu, go for it...else go to minnesota ...individual performance matters...see courses and chose wisely.

mse vs ms is also there..so u have 1 choice only..go for it :)

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One of my seniors pursued MSE from CMU and he is doing great now. Apart form being expensive, I think in every other aspect of academia, CMU is the best. You will have the opportunity to work with great people and on great topics of research. UMN is also good in CS but given the job prospects and other opportunities, CMU is good compared to UMN. 

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