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ROTC hopeful, MPP Programs

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Hello All,


          Long story short I am looking for advise on what schools I might be competitive for, as I have been able to find little information on average GPA/GRE scores for most schools.


A little about me:



BA SUNY-Buffalo Philosophy/Math 3.74 MCL/PBK/With Thesis

MAR Yale Divinity School GPA uncalculated


GRE: took them 5+ years ago, got 540V/730Q without preparation. Hoping since Im studying right this time, and since Ive done my masters since then, that I will be able to make 1350-1400 this time around.


Work Experience

1 year as a high school teacher, 2 years enlisted Army at time of application serving as a Chaplain Assistant/Religious Support, aiming to be promoted to Sgt early at about the 18-20 month mark.


Personal Goals: Army now allows for ROTC to fund/train graduate students. Hoping to earn my commission and make a career of it in Military Intelligence.


In a sense I already have a big name attached to my academic background, however Divinity Admissions are different and frankly softer beast due to the nature of such programs. Just looking for advice on what I should consider as far as reaches and safeties are concerned. Would like to be either in the Northeast or DC.


Harvard-Kennedy School

Princeton-Woodrow Wilson School







George Washington





CUNY-John Jay College


Many Thanks.




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