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Low(er) GRE score with high undergrad and grad GPA & question about Brandeis PhD program


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Hi everyone,


I used to post here somewhat frequently but I've continued to lurk as I had less time after starting graduate school.


I've just finished QMSS at Columbia. I have a 4.0 GPA from Columbia and I had a 3.97 undergrad overall GPA (4.0 major GPA, which was in psychology). I took a PhD level sociology course while in QMSS and the stats requirement for QMSS counts toward the math requirement for the sociology PhD at Columbia. My electives in QMSS were survey methodology, two history courses (I was considering doing a history PhD at one time and wanted to get a "feel" for grad level history courses, though one of the history courses could be considered qualitative sociological research) and the sociology course. I'll have excellent LORs from my professors at Columbia and I'm hoping to publish or at least present my thesis as I've received positive feedback from many Columbia faculty (not sure if that will happen though since I'm also working) on it. I have no publications but I do have both academic and private sector research experience. I plan on using my thesis as my writing sample.


My concern is my GRE scores - I had 610 quant and 550 verbal. I had 5/6 on the AW section. I assume that my research experience, undergrad LORs, PS and high undergrad GPA got me into QMSS but will my scores hurt my chances for acceptance into the PhD programs? I am considering applying to Columbia, Brandeis and CUNY because the faculty at those schools match my research interests (especially at CUNY and Brandeis).


Also, it looks like Brandeis does not put much emphasis on quantitative research...Unless, I missed it, I didn't even see a quant course that is offered every year. I understand that Brandeis has a "qualitative" focus but do they really put such little importance on quant work?


Thanks in advance!



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