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Transfer from NYU MBA to PhD program

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I'm currently a part-time MBA student at NYU Stern (about a third of the way through). I've been considering applying/transferring to other PhD programs related to management/business/technology within NYU. I'd like to eventually do research related to business and technology. Given my profile, it's unlikely I would get into Stern's PhD programs, however, I probably could get into some of the less competitive programs at NYU's other schools (Steinhardt, Wagner, NYU-Poly). Anyone here have experience with such a transition?

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In my opinion, it would be worthwhile to finish the MBA and then look into PhD programs. The final few courses really help to tie the program together. At that point, you would have a solid basis to launch into the PhD. So far, in my case, the PhD programs I've spoken to have looked very favorably on my MBA experience, including a solid GPA. In fact, UCLA was recruiting us directly when we were there and offered to credit three of the courses towards the PhD.

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