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Consciousness Studies & Transpersonal psychology


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Hallo everyone, I'm searching for an interdisciplinary Graduate Program (PhD) focussed on consciousness studies. Ideally this study would combine transpersonal psychology, psychology of religion, phenomenology, neuro-science and systems theory (Varela). It would be great if the study also involves a wholistic (spiritual) approach. (Christian Mysticism, Sufism, Daoism or Buddhism. My research interests revolve around (1) the conception of self and its relation to self-reference, ignorance and continuity. A future thesis might also relate to (2) the compatibility of modern psychology & neuro-physiology and eastern & western belief systems. After the study I want to be able to do (1) counseling (mental health, spiritual guidance) and (2) to do further research in other institutions. Do you know any Dept. of Psychology, that would fit into the frame? Is it more appropriate to search for a Dept. of Philosophy or Religious Studies? Do you know of any Professor who might be interested in the same or a similar topic? (Background: studied Philosophy, thesis was based on an interdisciplinary (phenomenological & neurobiological) research. ..I lost a bit track and would very much appreciate your help..

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