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MS Math at NYU Poly or MS Physics at CUNY


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Hi all! I've been accepted to these two programs, and have to decide really soon. I've applied to these programs as a stepping stone before PhD applications in Physics, since I'm an international student from a prestigious UK uni with subpar grades, and want to improve my application for the next PhD application season.


I was not offered any fin.aid (TA/RA) in NYU Poly, and CUNY didn't get back to me, so I'm not sure whether I'll be able to get something before I decide. Assuming I won't get any aid, CUNY will be twice cheaper that NYU Poly. However, NYU Poly is in the process of adding itself to NYU and becoming the engineering school of NYU, which has a slightly more well-known image etc. On the other hand, CUNY has well-known physics faculty, although I don't know how much that will affect my Masters work there.


Finally, it seems a little strange that CUNY is asking me to reply on their offer besides giving me ANY info about relevant tuition/support etc. It is listed generally on the webpage, but I did not receive any info with my award letter.


Any advice about the decision and/or about attending the two schools is greatly appreciated! Thanks!



EDIT: The reason I'm considering both physics and math is that the research areas I'm interested in requires good knowledge and understanding in both, so both programs will contain content that is relevant.

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