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MPhil in Politics at Oxford or Cambridge

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Hello guys,

I am dealing with a dilemma now. I got accepted into both Oxford (MPhil in Politics:Comparative Government) and Cambridge (MPhil in IR and Politics). Now, I do not know which program to choose because Cambridge gave me a partial funding and I feel like it would be a "dumb" choice not to take/use it. But from what I have heard, Oxford is more internationally known for their politics science department. Please let me know what you think about both of these programs.

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Lets be honest, both schools are going to be greatly known regardless of where you go


Go with the funding

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I went to Cambridge for undergrad so definitely lean a certain way, but from my experience the two departments are fairly different. Cambridge is definitely stronger in terms of IR/ Comparative studies, its putting out a lot of great research at the moment and the faculty is stellar. Oxford is similarly strong but I would say its strengths as a department lie in a more UK-centric area as well as being solid for political economy.


To be honest I think your choice is easy- both schools are internationally regarded and offer a huge amount of resources, but always go with the funding,  the money is always good and being able to show you've been funded speaks volumes to your academic potentials.

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