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The ol' clinical vs counseling


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Ive always been told that there is a lot of crossover between the two and the only difference is that clinical tends to lean towards more debilitating disorders while counseling deals with problems seen in the common population. However as I'm going through the insiders guidebook of clinical/counseling programs - Im not seeing a whole lot in terms of counseling schools that I would be interested in and I guess I'm curious about how to break into looking at clinical programs that may be skewed more towards the general population. Do these even exist? and how would I go about finding them?

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You might have better luck searching by faculty research interests. You can search for your research interests (on EBSCO or some other journal/literature search service) and then see which faculty are doing research in those areas, and find out which schools they are at. The focus of a program is the focus of the faculty at the program. As you know, a PhD is a research degree. (I am assuming you are referring to PhD programs.)

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Some do not make any division between that two, so 'schools' are 'schools' in General. Where do you put Rogerian approach? Counseling? Therapy? Or Yalom or any other........


Check faculty interests

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