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Best online prep for GRE Kaplan or Barron's


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Could anyone point me in the direction of the best online prep for the GRE. I am aware that Manhattan Prep seems to be the best of the best and I will mainly be using their materials (Strategy guides/5lb Book/Online Exams) as well as ETS. However, I need a program with a large volume of questions in order to practice pacing and endurance.  Right now, I'm torn between the following options:


1. Barron's - offers 3,000+ practice questions and 4 exams for $69, 

2. Kaplan - offers 2,500 practice questions for $200


Price is not a factor but value is! I am not interested in video lessons/explanations, just practice. I've been perusing the forums and I'm seeing a number of conflicting opinions on which of the two offers questions that are most like the actual GRE. Which of these quiz banks offers the most useful and realistic types of questions?


Additional Info:


I have a little over 3 months to prepare

I have taken two full Kaplan practice tests and scored V: 154, Q:146 and V:157, Q:153 without any prep

My goal scores are V: 165 and Q: 157. 

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I recommend Magoosh -


They have 900 cumulative problems for Quant and Verbal with video explanations, and their problems are more difficult than what you would find in the actual GRE (for the Quant portion at least).

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