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Retaking GRE? Not sure what good scores are for my programs


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Planning to apply to grad school in applied math. I just took the GRE for the first time this morning. I didn't study all that much, just did two practice tests yesterday but didn't really have time to absorb the mistakes I made. Anyway I got:

Verbal: 163

Quantitative: 165

I'm assuming the quant is probably too low, especially since I will be applying to some top programs. I honestly think I could improve a lot if I took it again since I was really rushed for study time this time around (read: two days).

I'm just wondering what would constitute good scores for a math program. And say I were to not retake the exam. If my GPA is amazing and the rest of my application is too, then are my scores all that bad? I know they won't help for top programs, but would they necessarily hurt?

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