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  1. New NDSEG website not secure?

    I think the January email went to most people's spam folders (it was in mine, and I only saw it in February). The 40% figure seems kind of off to me, but who knows...
  2. New NDSEG website not secure?

    I re-read the email they sent out in January, and it says that the subject matter experts will select the top 40%. They said 3600 people applied, so that's about 1400 who make it to the final round. I guess the chances of us getting it are still quite small (~14%). It seems like the timeline is pretty fast though if the DoD review is over on March 31...
  3. New NDSEG website not secure?

    I just got the email too! Anyone know how many they cull out in the final DoD review?
  4. New NDSEG website not secure?

    I called them today at the number listed on the NDSEG website, and the woman who answered said we should expect to receive email notification about our status next month...
  5. New NDSEG website not secure?

    I called them and the person on the line said not to worry about it, and if they needed that information from me, they would've reached out, so I guess that's good Wow, that seems so soon! I'm not sure I'm ready to find out...
  6. New NDSEG website not secure?

    If we're in our first year of graduate study, did we have to submit official transcripts from the graduate institution? I remember uploading a PDF of my official undergrad transcript in the application, but I submitted everything before any of my first semester grades were available. Was I actually expected to submit first semester grades? I'm kind of freaking out now...
  7. NSF GRFP 2017-18

    Is there a typo here? You can list four and rank them. The first three will be read, which I'm pretty sure is the same as past years. In my top 3 ranked, I had my current academic advisor, research advisor from undergrad, and supervisor for a research internship at a national lab.
  8. NSF GRFP 2017-18

    Hi all, I have a question about applying as a first year grad student. I feel like my application stands a decent shot. My undergrad grades were good, I have publications where I'm first author, and lots of relevant research experience. In my program, first year students don't start research until summer at the earliest. I had 3 letters of reference from past research experiences, then included a 4th from my temporary advisor at my current institution. This person was the chair of the graduate committee and is familiar with my work. I took his class at got an A, and he is slated to be my thesis advisor after this year, so he's familiar with my past research and I've met with him frequently to craft my fellowship applications. This person doesn't know me in a research capacity though. He is just in the same field as me and can maybe speak a little bit to the work I've done in the past and its impact, but I have other references for that. Do you think this puts me at a disadvantage for the NSF GRFP? I would have just gone with three references from my past research, but I thought it would look pretty bad to not have a letter from my current institution...
  9. 2017 Admissions General

    So I called the grad office at one of the schools I applied to today, since people have posted on here that they've been accepted and rejected already and I haven't heard anything. The graduate coordinator took down my name and presumably looked up my information, but then she gave me the email of the graduate committee head of the department and tells me to ask him, and also said all decisions have been made already but official letters have not gone out yet. I clarified with her if it would actually be okay for me to inquire about my application status with him, and she said "I'm sure it would be okay." This was a good program and I'm expecting rejection, but I'm just very confused about this exchange. I thought the graduate coordinator handled these sorts of requests or, at the very least, didn't forward them to professors. I'm probably not going to bother him since I feel really weird nagging a professor about this. Just wondering if this is common procedure though...
  10. 2017 Admissions General

    I think someone called the school and asked about this, and they said it was a mistake. Apparently, the official documents request is a feature they're adding next year to validate transcripts from abroad. If you scroll back on the Stanford results far enough, you'll see a discussion. If you have that option, it'll ask you for money to validate your documents, but apparently a glitch caused the option to appear this year. I'm a domestic applicant and don't see that option anywhere.
  11. On the ETS website, my score percentiles are 89% for quantitative, 92% verbal, and 93% writing. One of the schools I applied to manually entered my scores into the computer after receiving the official report, and the raw scores match up, but not the percentiles, which are 92% Q, 91% V, 92% W. I'm going to call the school tomorrow to see what's going on, but I'm just nervous if thi means I reported the percentiles incorrectly to my other schools. Has this happened to anyone before? Any idea if it's possible for the official percentiles to be different from what you see on the website?
  12. 2017 Admissions General

    Interesting. All I can say though is that in the past 4 years, decisions have come out at the very end of January or within the first week of February. It is kind of crazy that admit day would be so soon after admissions though.
  13. 2017 Admissions General

    They haven't sent out anything yet AFAIK. There's usually a handful that get in on this site, and no one has posted anything in the results section yet, so you can be relatively sure they haven't notified yet. How do you know the open house is in two weeks?
  14. 2017 Admissions General

    As far as I'm aware, ICME does not have official interviews, and the vast majority of applied math programs don't either. More common would be that you're contacted by a POI who may be interested in taking you on for a quick Skype interview, but even this isn't too common. You can check the results page; people will list interviews they had for specific programs (including unofficial interviews with a POI).
  15. 2017 Admissions General

    Historically, it seems like Stanford ICME releases decisions at the very end of January or early February. I applied too but am not expecting much :/