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Re-taking Macro/Micro?

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Hello all. I am currently a rising fourth year (I'm graduating in five years) at a university in California, double majoring in IR and Middle East Studies. I am interested in applying to MIA/MPA programs either for when I immediately graduate or two years or so after my unergrad classes. Before becoming an IR/MDES double major I was a Business major for two years, and I took Macroeconomics/Microeconomics courses and got my ass kicked in them - ended up with a C+ in both courses. Needless to say I could have put a lot more effort in my classes (I hardly studied). As I am now aware that such MPA/MIA programs like to see quantitative classes in your academic history, I am quite self conscious about my Macro/Micro grades. I believe if I re-took the classes (probably at a community college), I would definitely ace them as I am a significantly harder worker than I was two years ago. Would re-taking them and acing them help me with my grad school admissions or would they ignore my re-takes and merely focus on my original C+ grades? Thanks.

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RetakeEcon, you might want to call the admissions offices of the programs that you are interested in and ask for their opinion on this matter.  But I think it would certainly not hurt you if you took Macroeconomics and/or Microeconomics again.  The admissions committee would then be able to see how dedicated you are to improving your application.

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