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Do I have a chance?


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I am planing to apply for PhD in pharmacology or pharmaceutical science. By the time I apply I will have like 6 month of independent research experience in biomaterials lab. I also spend at least 6 semester working in chemistry,physics, and tissue engineering lab as a part of school curriculum. I had a Master degree in pharmaceuical Engineering with 3.4 GPA.  What you guys think is it enough for that program or I am not gonna have a chance?!

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What are your accomplishments in term of,

1. number of first-/second- authored original research articles in highly ranked journals

2. number of fellowships/scholarships/internships received

3. number of field-related award recognition received

4. number of poster/oral presentations presented at national/local conferences

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I would say none... However, I am not looking for very top schools. I just want descent/middle schools. I didn't take the GRE yet and my worry about my lack of research experience stops me from start studing. I don't want to waste my effort.

How long the research experience should be?!

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I had over 4.5 years (2 from undergrad and 2.5 from Masters) of research experience before I applied for PhD programs.

I think 1.5+ years should be okay.

You also want to stay in the same lab the whole time, unless it's rotation. Because it would make you look real bad when Admission Committee evaluating your application, it would make them think that you either:

1) hard to work with

2) lack of commitment

3) someone doesn't know what he wants

4) lack of maturity

5) inconsistent

Your chance might be higher because you have a Masters degree depends on if it was thesis-based or course-based. You could 1) volunteer in a lab for a year to gain more hands-on research experience or 2) work as a technician in a lab or a company, while work your personal statement and GRE exam

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I forgot to mention that I worked 1+ year in a tissue engineering lab during my junior year that's like 4-5 years ago. however, the professsor I worked with retired like 2 years ago and I lost touch with him. I am not sure if it is propore to mention this expierence without prove or still it is gonna be counted?! 

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