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F-1 interview after program completion

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I completed my program two weeks ago and had applied for OPT. I received my card and I also started working. I haven't been home for 2.5 years now (feels very emotional) and plan to go in septemeber/october this year. The real trouble is I do not have a valid visa ( I am on a valid F-1 status), I read on some school websites that there is some risk involved if we travel in a situation such as mine.


I'm just a little nervous and but I want to travel since I cannot hold back for another 1-2 years to avoid this whole situation!


Any one renewed or applied for a F-1 visa while completing practical training?Anything that you want to say may be helpful to me :)

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I don't know about practical training specifically but I know about lots of students who leave the US while their visa has expired, but F-1 status is still valid (e.g. the status is valid for 6 years [duration of program] but the visa might only be valid for 1 year and then they leave after 1 year). This is perfectly fine -- you don't lose your F-1 status. What happens is that you have to apply for a new visa though to enter the US before you can return. So I also know about some cases where the visa application is delayed and the student is stuck in the other country for awhile until their visa arrives.


So, how long are you planning to visit your home for? If getting a visa is easy then as long as you start the process as soon as you get home, you should be able to get your new visa before you return to the US!

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TakeruK, thanks!


I believe there is a small risk involved when we are in the practical training phase  (OPT). MY I-20 is valid nd ofcourse I am in legal status here in the US. OFciurse, when I leave the country, I would have to apply for a visa to re-enter. For my country it is usually pretty quick unless there is some problem like background check etc which takes an extra 2-3 weeks. I plan to vist for 2 weeks. The visa, if all goes well, takes 1-2 days for the interview and 2-3 days for the passport to arrive.

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