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How common is it to pursue an internship after the first year of graduate study?  Is it preferred that students stay around campus for the first year for purposes of attaining residency?  Or is it preferred that students wait until the summer before their fourth or fifth years to do an internship?

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Like kimolas said, I think that will vary tremendously among programs and industries. In my department, I only know of one first-year student in my cohort doing this, though I think last year there were 2 or 3. The rest stay and do research or teach/TA summer courses. Some internships may also only want more advanced students (year 3-4ish) who have finished all their coursework and have research experience already. I think that is fairly common in pharma.


I do remember Berkeley making a fuss about getting CA residency after the first year for out-of-staters, but I don't think that's true of all public programs (for instance, not mine).

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