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How to write in CV that i am in vacation from my job?


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I am from egypt, and work in the university as assist. Lecturer but i dont live in egypt right now. I dont know how to highlight this in cv in

1. We need to write our business address on top. How to write my business address in egypt and refer i am not working now?

2. Job history: is it ok to write year-present? But currently i am in vacation

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With job history, it tends to be where you're "officially" employed. So if this vacation you're taking is like a Sabbatical (e.g.  your employer is basically allowing you a year/semester/length of time off), then you shouldn't have a problem writing in "[year]-present". Depending on the nature of your vacation, you might add a parenthetical note on your C.V. next to your current job that you're on sabbatical (e.g. "on sabbatical for 2013-2014")

Hmm...with the address question, if it were me I'd put a permanent address and a current mailing address. That's how most job applications approach the issue, so I don't see why a C.V. should be any different.

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