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Apply now or wait? Neuroscience PhD Programs


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I will be graduating in Spring 2014 and I'm planning on applying to PhD programs in neuroscience. However, I don't want to waste the money if I have no chance of getting in! Here are my credentials:


Major: Psychology & Neuroscience

GPA: 3.79 (taken hard science classes, such as Orgo and Biochem as well as a lot of neuroscience classes)

I will have 2 years of research experience in a Behavioral Neuroscience lab upon graduation. No publications, but lots of experience conducting my own experiments for my Honors Senior Thesis. I will also be presenting a poster this upcoming semester during Undergrad research day. But other than that, nothing special in terms of publications etc.....


So, any thoughts? Should I take a year or two off to strenghten my application?

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Why not apply for Fall 2014 and then have a back up plan in place just in case you don't get in anywhere?  If you get in great, you'll be on to the next journey.  If not then you'll have a plan to strengthen your application for the next round.

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