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MS in Statistics University Selection


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I am planning to apply in MS in Statistics for Fall 2014.


My profile is like this:


Electrical and Electronics Engineering and M.Sc Chemistry from BITS Pilani

CGPA- 8.54/10

GRE- Quant 170/170 and Verbal- 152/170 Total- 322/340 AWA-3/6

TOEFL- Reading-29/30 Listening-29/30 Speaking-24/30 Writing-27/30 Total-109/120

Reco situation: My ex-team lead will write a very good reco; A good reco from Decent College Faculty; One reco from Internship place
Almost 2 years work experience with Credit Suisse as Business Analyst in Credit Risk Analytics Department & Pipal Research internship in Sales Analytics Domain
Please suggest me a mix of competitive and safe universities for MS in Statistics.
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i am quite new in this forum and more specific in this area: study in us. what do you mean you are gonna apply for fail 2014?  all the masters degrees start on september right? thank you and sorry for the silly question.  

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Why don't you take a look at the NRC rankings in statistics (http://chronicle.com/article/nrc-statistics/124660/) and perhaps even the U.S. News list (http://grad-schools.usnews.rankingsandreviews.com/best-graduate-schools/top-science-schools/statistics-rankings?int=e6ce6e)?  Two things.  First of all, even if we wanted to, we couldn't help you find a good school with just this information.  I don't know how to translate your GPA to a 4.0 scale, and I have no idea what you are interested in - you didn't say whether you wanted to concentrate in a specific area of statistics (like biostats, operations research, bioinformatics) or just a good general degree.  It also is dependent upon where you want to work; if you want to go work at a prestigious firm or something a top-ranked degree is more important; if you want to settle down somewhere and aren't particularly worried about pedigree, that changes things.


Furthermore, coming up with a list of places is more your legwork.  You're supposed to do it.


Top schools in stats, according to the NRC, are Stanford, Harvard, U-Washington, Cornell, Berkeley, Chicago, Michigan, Penn State, UNC-Chapel Hill, UW-Madison, Duke, Iowa State, NCSU, Johns Hopkins, Texas A&M, Columbia, UCLA, Purdue, and Penn (in no particular order).  There are many more on the list - those are just roughly in the top 10 by S-rank and R-rank, so you can peruse through the list and see what's midrange for you.  I will say that your quantitative scores aren't all that impressive for statistics; you're expected to score very highly.


tmc12, most master's start in late August or early September.  We call that fall semester, so "Fall 2014" just means he wants to apply this year to begin next year.

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