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Which bibliography tool do you use?


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I posted yesterday in the research section and folks over there have recommended all kinds of programs for managing bibliographic data. It only occurred to me after that this type of thing really is subject-specific, in that the tools scientists want for bibliographies are slightly different from the tools used by folks in the humanities.

So, if you're making notes and building a bibliography for future use as a theologian/religious studies-type, what features do you look for in a program? Any specific tools to recommend? I just need a place to keep an annotated list of books, preferably something I can later subdivide, merge, and generally mess around with.

My institution provides access to Endnote and also recommends Zotero, so I will probably go with one of those, but any reviews or recs from people with similar academic interests (and therefore dealing with similar types of data) would be much appreciated.

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I use Diigo for my online note taking (it's significantly better than evernote for academic purposes). It will work on embedded PDFs IIRC. I'm still a bit old-fashioned when it comes to note taking, so I'll usually do PDFs and books in my regular notebooks.

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