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Gifts for advisors


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My advisor has been beyond awesome, and I would really like to give hime a small token of my appreciation upon finishing my masters. Of course I've considered the gift card route, but I would much rather come up with something more thoughtful than that. He is a professor of Jewish philosophy and has also pioneered a type of interfaith dialogue (although he would probably kill me for using that term!). It would be great if I could get him something that speaks to either of these, but any more general ideas are also welcomed!


So what do you say? Any suggestions? 

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If you are applying to doctoral programs and get in I have heard a lot of people giving their adviser/recommenders something from the school that accepted you, like a coffee mug, ect. 

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I think a used book store is always a good place to start. My advisor does work on Shakespeare and English puritanism, so I found a neat, older edition of Richard III for her. Might be a little tougher to find something for your advisor's interest, but worth a shot.

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