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Incoming transcripts processed late


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I am applying to an MS in Biology program for Fall 2013.  The application deadline was July 1st.  I looked at some old information online and the graduate admissions office mentions that students need to send two copies of each transcript in to the central office.  I already had a single copy of each transcript (3), so I requested an extra set of transcripts from each of my preceding universities in mid-June.  I walked into the office myself and handed them the first set that I already had and told them that the other set is being sent in the mail.  They told me that I only needed to send one.  I was a little unhappy that I had read old information, but happy to know that all my transcripts were there on time!  I was able to get the rest of the application in before the deadline and I thought it was complete.  I get an email today (a week later) from the central graduate application services and they tell me that my application is incomplete.  I couldn't figure out what had happened.  Did I fill something out wrong?  I looked at the link they sent me and it said that my transcripts were missing.  I call them and ask them why.  It turns out that since I turned in my transcripts before I submitted my online application, that they did not put them together.  How two sets of transcripts were lost in the shuffle is beyond me.  But they were late in submitting my transcripts.  The email the graduate services department sent did mention that the rest of my application was sent earlier and they immediately submitted the rest of my materials to the department.  


I am wondering how all of this might affect my application.  They marked that my transcripts came in on time and I sent an email to the graduate coordinator for the biology department explaining what had happened.  


I don't mean to worry other posters, I thought for sure that my transcripts were in order, but you may want to check in with the graduate services department.  The confusing thing about the graduate admissions here is that they have two separate websites to check the status of your application.  I was aware of only one of them, but there was another site that had each of your materials that were submitted and missing.  Check to see if your school has this.     

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One school put my transcripts in a file for people who had not sent any other application materials and never told me they were missing. I happened to notice online about a month after they were due and called. They sent the transcripts to the department and told me not to worry, it's not the first time that happened.


I ended up being accepted to the program and assigned to my top POI (one of the top people in the field.)


If they say it's alright I wouldn't worry about it too much.

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