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Preparation for Analytical Chemsitry GRE


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Hello all,

Can anyone please tell me what topics to prepare from Analytical Chemsitry for GRE? I have consulted the syllabus which is mentioned in ETS Chemsitry Practice Book but its too vague. It would be wonderful if someone could elaborate the topics which one should study.


Thanks in advance. :)

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Statistical terms(precision, accuracy, mean, standard deviation), separations (TLC, normal and reverse phase HPLC, CE, Gas chromatography), fluorescences (excitation and emission), electrochemistry (general electrolytic cell, nernst equation), spectroscopy (Raman, IR, NMR, absorption, emission(ICP)), and different types of detectors. 


I would say know what all these terms mean. Also I would try and be able to, given a set of compounds and/or conditions, predict elution order or know what technique/detector would allow for the best separation. 


As a warning, this is just what I remember from when I took the GRE in april and there could definitely be other topics on the one you will take. It doesn't hurt to try and study for all the sections, not just analytical, like you're going to take a comprehensive final on it. The GRE asked some pretty random questions that I feel like unless you have a mind where you remember random facts or have studied intensively, you won't get right.


Good luck! I kinda had fun with it when I took it  :)

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I have another question. Hope you don't mind.


Which book would you recommend I should study from considering I have barely touched Inorganic Chemistry during my undergraduate years! 

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