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Chances of getting into SLP grad school

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Hi. I would like to know my chances of getting into

a SLP grad program in the state of Michigan. I plan

on applying this upcoming semester, and would like

to know if I need to fix things in my application while

there's still time. Here are my stats: I scored a 153 Qualitative

and a 144 Quantitative on the GRE, I have a major GPA

of 3.92, but only a 3.43 overall( the best I'll have by application

time is a 3.5), I have a daughter with a SLI and another with

a reading cognition problem. I volunteered in my daughter's class

when she was in early intervention, and I am a transfer student my

gpa from the school I transferred from is only a 2.8, but the grades

are 13 years old. Thanks.

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I don't know about Michigan in particular, but if you have time (and money) to take the GRE again, I would highly recommend it to raise your quant score if at all possible.  Most schools I researched want around 150 or higher on each section, and each school has a recommended minimum as well as average scores from previous years (you'll have to convert on the new scoring system in many cases).  Your personal experience definitely adds to your application, so don't be afraid to include that in your well-written sop or application questionnaires.  the old Gpa shouldn't matter that much; make sure you highlight your newer scores and try for LOR writers that really know you academically NOW to balance out the old transfer GPA.  As far as your overall chances, it isn't just a numbers game anymore.  It's about the whole package.  Make sure that "you on paper" is really YOU so that every school can really consider the entirety of you, and not some typo error or misrepresentation of you (either too much focus or not enough focus on certain aspects of your experience). I don't know if that helps at all, but that's my opinion having gone through this application process and having talked with MANY department heads about admission criteria. Best of luck!! 

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