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Hello all,


I am an international student getting ready to apply to several MIA MPP schools in USA. As you know most of these schools require you to have a quant background, which I lack. To make my application more competitive I decided to take macro and micro online courses before applying.


Now I have been googling and I came up with UCB and Oxford online courses. UCB is USD 900 for one class and Oxford is 300 Pounds. I want to take Oxford courses but I wanted to ask people here first. Has anyone taken courses at these universities? Will getting them from Oxford which uses a different accreditation system differ from getting them from UCB?


Thank you!

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I would highly recommend emailing a few of the departments you are considering applying to and ask what topics their first year micro/macro/quant classes cover.  This should help you target your study.  There's no point spending ages on theory of the firm or price indices if they care more about insurance and utility etc.

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